Wedding Tips

The wedding ceremony is the heart of the occassion. it is the most solemn event that has to be in your whole life to make the vows the sincerest lines ever. The success of the ceremony, being the first event of the day, dictates the success of the proceeding events like the reception and the after-wedding party.

Here are some tips that you might want to consider in preparing for your wedding ceremony.

  1. The marriage vows. Decide early on if you both want to use the official wedding lines or you would like to make personalized vows. From there you will know how to prepare for the most important lines in your lives. It is imperative that these lines be sincere. Otherwise, the whole event would not be meaningful at all.  Make your vows the most beautiful and the most unique ever!
  2. The officiant (Omwogezi) has to be connected. You have to make sure that the officiant of the wedding has sufficient background of each of your lives relevant to the celebration. This helps him make connections and customize the wedding ceremony accordingly. Aside from this facts make him comfortable with both of you as a couple, this shall add the meaning and solemnity of the ceremony.
  3. The Groom’s Emotions Matter. On the day of your wedding, you have to pour all your best emotions out to let her know how much you love her and how happy you are to have come to this special day. This is the biggest day in her life and she has to know that you are there to make her the happiest on that day. Arrange, in advance, to send her flowers on the wedding day or to send her a recorded message to make her day the brightest day ever.
  4. The Bride’s Make Up. This is not that critical to plan very early on like the other aspects of a wedding discussed in this article. However, it is important to plan this some weeks before the wedding to make sure that the make up you choose fits your skin type. Aside from that you have to experiment on the types of make up and the colors you would like to use to blend with your outfit and theme. It is important that the bride becomes the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. Thus, it is fair enough to put some extra time ahead to plan the type of make up and colors to use. It is even recommended that the bride do a practice make up days before the wedding and see the effects of the make up in pictures.
  5. Eating Enough on the Wedding Day. It is important that the bride & the Groom takes a healthy nourishment before the day starts. This should be a very long and exciting day and you would not want to ruin your day with stomach cramps and hyper acidity. It is important that you take a balance meal that can last the long hours of socializing and enjoyment for this big day
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