Below is a small list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bulk SMS.

QN 1: What is bulk sms or bulk messaging?
ANS Bulk Messaging is the delivery of large numbers of SMS messages to mobile phone numbers (mobile handsets). It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Bulk messaging is commonly used for important alerts, reminders, and marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers

QN 2: How do I test your service?
ANS We offer fully functional demo account. Request a free bulk sms demo account now!

QN 3: Do I need to install software to send messages?
ANS We provide web-based application. A computer and internet connection is necessary to send messages. No software installation required on your computer.

QN 4: How do I send messages?
ANS When you order a bulk sms package from us then you will receive a secured account details with login URL, username and password. After logging in to the account you compose a message, enter mobile numbers and click on Send button to start delivering messages. You have the option to upload an excel sheet with list of numbers.

QN 5: What is the maximum text length allowed in a single SMS?
ANS The maximum text length allowed in a single message (consumes 1 credit) is 160 characters. If the text length is exceeded then the message will be delivered as 2 or more messages and more credits are consumed accordingly. The character length for 2 messages is 306, for 3 messages are 459, for 4 messages are 612, and for 5 messages is 724.

QN 6: How do I check my credit balance?
ANS Credit balance can be seen from your control panel after you login to your account.

QN 7: Can I schedule messages for later date and time?

QN 8: What is a Sender ID?
ANS The recipients receive message with a title and content. The title looks like WEDDING,MAHAD,SHAMIM etc. This id is called as Sender ID

QN 9: Can I choose my Sender ID?
ANS You can select your company name or brand name (11 characters)

QN 10: How do I confirm whether messages delivered or not?
ANS By having your Number included in the send list

QN 11: Is it possible to integrate bulk sms into our software?
ANS Yes. We provide HTTP APIs which can be used in your application/software.

QN 12: What other services do you offer?
ANS Visit Relevant Services page for details.

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Our Vision is to be Uganda’s most successful IT/Bulk sms company,to build our clients into abrand with the most efficient and affordable communication platform which narrow the communication gap between Business, organizations, individuals and the other parties.


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Our mission is to give Business, organisations and people the power to communicate and bring the world more closer by providing innovative Bulk sms services that are cost effective. To achieve this mission, transparency, customer care and support services will continue to be of utmost importance to us.


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Developing a fast, affordable and most convenient system of communication enjoyed by users through use of their mobile phones via SMS. Our focus has been formulated out of the need to create more value for this service and satisfy current market dynamics, and all stakeholders’ interests As part of our efforts to help our pool of clientele realize their full potential and equip them with a competitive edge, we constantly upgrade our system that allows our users to send bulk SMS without any point of failure .we have served numerous clients from different sectors: corporate businesses, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, individuals, churches as well as professional bodies.


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